“Mark Stone and Sholto Kynoch prove strong interpreters of the songs, some of the most individual in the British repertoire… Strongly recommended.”
Gramophone Magazine / Havergal Brian Songbook

“Kynoch’s accompaniments are beautifully sensitive, flexible and transparent throughout, and all three singers engage intelligently with the texts … These are all refreshing and unfailingly engaging performances.”
Gramophone Magazine / Hugo Wolf: The Complete Songs, Volume Eight

“The team of four singers is first-rate, responsive in every way, and if anything even more remarkable is the work of their pianist, Sholto Kynoch, displaying an exceptional expressive range, not only ideally agile but with the most subtle range of tone and dynamic…Altogether an impressive achievement from an enterprising new company.”
Gramophone Magazine / Wolf Mörike Lieder Volumes One and Two

“Sholto Kynoch is a vivid and sentient accompanist.”
BBC Music Magazine / Wolf Mörike Lieder Volume One

“The audiences were treated to a series of outstanding and revelatory performances by all concerned. However Sholto Kynoch, who accompanied each of the singers with such empathy and consideration, deserves to be singled out for his remarkable contribution. Partnership would be a better way to describe the singer-accompanist relationship since in all the songs the piano is an equal partner and often has the last word, and songs, such as Der Feuerreiter, Lied vom Winde and Abschied demanded considerable virtuosity.”
Musicweb International / Wolf Mörike Lieder at the Oxford Lieder Festival

“The skilful and sensitive accompanist throughout was Sholto Kynoch. Wolf songs often end with a piano postlude, and it was noticeable that the attention of the audience invariably held undimished, right through to the end. Kynoch’s performance was clearly the result of a deep process of study of every contour of these very demanding songs.”
Bachtrack / Wolf Mörike Lieder at the Oxford Lieder Festival

“the excellent British pianist Sholto Kynoch…”
The Straits Times, Singapore / Victoria Hall recital with Tee Khoon Tang

“In the solo passages of the Allegro, Kynoch showed why he’s respected in this repertoire. This was idiomatic playing, vibrant and warm. Most impressive though, was the fluid interaction between the pair, reflecting the ebb and flow so central to the piece. This was “accompaniment” par excellence, where both partners enhanced each other, in mutual support.”
Seen and Heard / Wigmore Hall recital with Kaoru Yamada

“Kynoch instinctively makes the right sound for Brahms – warm velvet”
Classical Source /  Wigmore Hall recital with Kaoru Yamada